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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tracfone LG 505c Review

Heya guys! Yeah, i know still havent been keeping up with my blog, but hey, here I am ready to give you another review. LG 505C, a touch screen and QWERTY keyboard phone with a bunch of features. Lets get started!

As you can see, the LG 505C has a moderately sized full QWERTY keyboard. What you don't see in the picture, and any avid Texter will appreciate (Texing while driving is BAD!!!!! Don't do it!) Is a back lit keyboard. The back light of the keyboard, while not especially bright, is enough for any dim enviroment you might be texting in. It will automatically turn off, though, after a short period of time, which for me, is too short, but its not a big problem for me, as I don't text much.

Calling Quality
Lets face it: If your buying a phone from Tracfone, your not wanting an iPhone. Your buying a phone. No matter the features, the only real thing your actually going to be doing on this is calling. On your side, the quality is ok. Nothing really more then average, sometimes less. On the other end, its actually great quality, at least in my experience. Overall I'd say the calling experience isn't too bad, but you can definitely do better.(i forgot to say, the speaker quality is actually excellent.)

Touch screen
Let me make this clear. You are not buying an iPhone that you can barely touch and it will respond. You need to actually touch this thing. it does not need to be pressed down hard, and is still pretty sensitive, but again, you need to touch this thing. Also, in my experience i needed to calibrate it a few times to get the touchscreen working right.

Other Preloaded applications (and application support)
This phone is pretty much as much as you can get, in terms of featured applications, from tracfone. It comes with a calculator, some demo games (pretty slow- this phone is NOT meant for gaming) a doodling application, schedule features, a camera, a whole bunch of settings, a browser, and some multimedia. it also has support with the low end java market, and you can get some games (for minutes) on the phone. They play okay, but load pretty slowly, and all are really casual. And, i want to mention this, I REALLY like the lock code feature.

This thing has the standard connectors. It has micro sd card slot, a volume rocker, a cover and uncover charging slot, a lock button, and a camera button. The camera is pretty decent at 1.2 megapixels, no more then i would expect from a $90 phone The clock has several settings, including analog and digital. You also have a homescreen you can put 9 contacts on, as well as drag applications you need onto you main home screen

Overall this is a standard, solidly built, excellent Tracfone. It offers a variety of features. Any qualms a buyer has on this phone would be the asking price of 90 dollars. I recommend this phone, but if its too expensive for you, or you don't need the keyboard and want to spend less, try the lg 800g.



  1. Thanks Tiger! That's a concise review. And I like the candor you use. Keep it up!

  2. I have the Lg800g, I am considering this one. Could you tell me if the display screen stays laminated longer than the lg800? That is one thing that I don't like. It shuts down when I am checking voice mail.

    Any help woul be appreciated